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apollo With incredibly lush sounds and arrangements, echo vessel perfectly encapsulates the visual and sonic motion of a city. Can't wait to spin the wax! Favorite track: time away (with Robert Summerhays).
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aavvw lov u meysell ┌(◉‿◉)┘ Favorite track: homage.
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Ashie honestly i can't choose a favourite but i am gonna rep "places" since i'm on it, love this album, love meysell, love rob, love luke Favorite track: places (with Copys and Ashie Payne).
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drawing from an eclectic mix of inspirations, including the lyricism of Mount Eerie, the rhythms of Talking Heads, and the sheer sampling power of The Field, Panda Bear, and The Avalanches, echo vessel’s “L.A. SOUNDTRACK” is post-apocalyptic pop music, the sound of distant cultures stumbling upon modernity and attempting to recreate it as best they can.


released January 7, 2015

"L.A. SOUNDTRACK" was recorded in and around California from January to November 2014. additional instrumentation was recorded in Charleston from July to November 2014. the album was produced by echo vessel and Infinitefreefall from January to December 2014.

Robert Summerhays' vocals for "time away" were recorded in Los Angeles, December 2014.
Ashie Payne's vocals for "places" were recorded in New Zealand in November 2014.

Meys Quintana (as echo vessel): recording, production, vocals, mixing, photography, packaging
Maxton Stenstrom (as Infinitefreefall): additional instrumentation, some lyrics (track 7), production

Luke Kim (as Copys): recording, production (track 7)
Robert Summerhays: vocals, guitar (track 4)
Ashie Payne: vocals (track 7)

Nick Pitman: mastering

echovessel.com / infinitefreefall.com / collected.cc




Echo Los Angeles, California

low-poly romantic

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Track Name: colors
i will not relent but you will not stand down
you've got pictures hanging on your walls
but i've got my favorite colors in a drawer
so here i am and there you are
you're staring into where i exist
Track Name: bedroom
in my bedroom
there’s not much i can do
but stare through the ceiling
to the sky i remember
Track Name: time away (with Robert Summerhays)
salt in your eyes
hurts enough to clean it
both of your eyes
it doesn’t mean a thing

way down the line
mysteries are forming
how much time?
chop me down and count the rings

i (should have known myself)
i should have known the power to change
would be harder to obtain
than by a little time away


spark in your eyes
burns enough to mean it
both of your eyes
quietly conquering

draw me a line
symmetry unfolding
all of our time
spent only remembering

i (should have known myself)
i should have known the power to change
would be harder to obtain
than by a little time away
Track Name: PARALLAX
i was walking alone
making a note of inner emergent rhythm
in the parallax dome
and once i feared that i would find our twin there

it's a cowardly home
one that knows and pleads for restitution
in a city unknown
full of nodes that fear for retribution

you were walking alone
presence known beside emergent rhythm
in the parallax dome
and how you feared that you would find yourself there

i was never alone
as i found my inner emergent rhythm
in the parallax dome
and once i suppressed fear it became easy

you're inside of a home
that makes me feel like i should find a way in
to this city unknown
full of homes that rise above the surface

you were never alone
presence known beside emergent rhythm
in my parallax dome
and once you suppressed pain you found yourself growing old

and i found them hiding there on Flower St.
i tried to think of who was gone...?

and i found her lying there on Beverly
i thought that maybe he’d moved on…?

and i found him lying hurt on 7th St.
i stopped to think of what was done...?

and i found me lying dead on Gower St.
i thought that maybe it was wrong…?
Track Name: places (with Copys and Ashie Payne)
found a place
where i can rest
far away
inside my head

crowds upon
near and far

these grids have never felt so cold
never felt so close to and so far from home
i’ll find a spot for my few things on the floor
and embrace what warmth lies behind these security doors

and if you listen close
you can hear the waves
on the other side of the country
through the cloud of smoke
and wasted days
inside of me
Track Name: island home
there's not much i can do
there's nothing we can do
our island home, it has found
a new place to reside

now we are floating free
water is seeping in
i hadn't ridden this wave yet
before you said

i'd like to know
why not go?
wouldn't you know?
why not go?

ocean surrounds us now
islands become our town
our continent, it is drifting
along the divide

now we are moving
beyond the horizon
where are we going? i don't know
but then i thought

i'd like to know
why not go?
wouldn't you know?
why not go?